Cool bridal wear for the discerning woman not willing to compromise her good taste on the big day. A creative co-lab between fashion designer Lisbeth Solsø from Pocket Pocket and wedding blogger Camilla Swartz from a couple.

Designed and made in Aarhus, Denmark
Est. 2017


a fashion designer AND A WEDDING BLOGGER

Coming from two very different background, Lisbeth and Camilla have thrown themselves at the idea of customizing vintage jackets for brides that dare to stand out and celebrate their own personal style. 

Both being married, they have faced the issue of what to wear over a wedding dress and not being able to find that jacket that sets your whole outfit apart. That's the whole reason for this -  to give brides to be have a better alternative.  



Our jackets are made from beautiful vintage jackets that we give new life by sewing and embroidering our designs onto them by hand. The fabric we use in our applications are left-overs from other productions. It's important to us that everything is vintage and second-hand because there is no need to produce new products when there is so much value in existing materials.

It's a slow and ethical way to design, which we care deeply about. It's about good craftsmanship, caring about our earth and bringing you a one of a kind jacket for your wedding.