how to order your customized jacket

1. Choose your vintage jacket

You can choose between washed blue, cobalt blue, black or white denim jackets. Book an appointment to visit our studio to browse our selection of vintage jackets and try them on. Or ask us to send images of the current jackets available at

2. add A DESIGN

We have two designs available - Dagmar and Margrethe. Customize it with your wedding date and personalized message. 

3. Payment

We send you two invoices. You pay the first half, when you have chosen your vintage jacket from our stock and the second half plus additional shipping costs, when the jacket has been customized. Payment can be made by bank transfer.

4. all good comes to those who wait

Sewing and embroidering by hand is a slow and careful process. We need approximately three weeks to finish your customized vintage jacket. 

Once we've finished your jacket, we'll ship it so that you can have it delivered to wherever you live in the world. Shipping costs are additional to the price of the jackets.